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24/7 Sobriety Program

The Douglas County 24/7 Sobriety program monitors individuals for alcohol and drug use as a condition of bond or condition of probation.  Participation in this program allows individuals to be consistently monitored with twice daily alcohol testing and bi-weekly drug testing to promote public safety while allowing individuals to remain out of custody. (402) 599-2518 (24/7 Sobriety Office)

Pre-Trial Release Program

The Douglas County Pretrial Release (PTR) program was implemented by the Omaha Bar Association in 1970. The program is based on the legal assumption that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, and that persons who have ties to the community and minimal criminal histories could be trusted to appear in court. (402) 599-2558 (Electronic Check-In Line)

Work Release
The Douglas County Work Release Center is located at 1709 Jackson St. This facility can hold up to 128 male inmates and 60 females on Work Release. Inmates are able to go to their jobs and return to the Work Release Center daily. Work Release Officers conduct random job site checks on those inmates assigned to the program. (402) 599-2503 (Work Release Office)

House Arrest Program
The Douglas County House Arrest Program is located at 1709 Jackson Street. This program is for inmates with non-violent charges. The inmate has an electric monitor attached to their ankle and the monitor tracks the movement of the inmate. Inmates on this program are not allowed to leave their house unless they are going to their job (Court approved), for treatment or to their scheduled community volunteer work program. (402) 599-2512 (House Arrest Office)

Reentry Assistance Program
The Douglas County Reentry Assistance Program (RAP) is located at 1709 Jackson Street. This program offers a combination of supervised classes as an alternative to incarceration to help offenders integrate back into the community. The program works together with work release, pre-trial services and house arrest to develop a structured program for each individual. (402) 599-2548 or (402) 599-2549 (RAP Office)

Corrections Programs 
Corrections programs provide a variety of classes to help offenders better themselves in preparation for their return to society for individuals unable to participate in Community Corrections programming.  Programming includes educational, cognitive behavioral, addiction recovery, faith-based and recreation. (402) 599-2297 (Program Officers)

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