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Lt Ernest L. Black, Program Administrator

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The Douglas County 24/7 Program was started in April of 2014.


  • Immediate relief of jail overcrowding by placing qualified participants on the program
  • Cost savings to the County. All 24/7 participants are responsible for their fees for the program
  • Participants are allowed to return to their normal lives once released from DCDC, but must report twice a day for alcohol testing or randomly for drug testing.  Drug tests will be completed only in the morning hours.
  • 24/7 participants will be able to continue working or school to assist with providing for their families
  • Increase public safety
  • Ensure participants will timely and soberly participate in their judicial proceedings
  • Reduced arrests for alcohol and drug violations


DCDC works alongside with County and District courts of Douglas County as well as Probation to select the best participants for the program.  The participants are selected for the 24/7 program by the courts during bond settings.

Community Safety

Once selected and placed onto the 24/7 program, all participants will be monitored for the consumption of alcohol daily. The monitoring will consist of either twice a day testing (morning and evening between 6 & 8) or a SCRAM bracelet, which is worn on the ankle. The type of monitoring will be determined by the 24/7 Administrator. Participants monitored for alcohol consumption will also be given random drug testing.

Participants selected for the 24/7drug testing program will be monitored for illegal substances. Participants will be given a phone number and a PIN number which will be called daily. Once their PIN number is entered they will be informed if they are to report for testing. Swab tests will be utilized for testing. On some occasions a Urinalysis test may be utilized. Participants monitored for drugs will also be given random alcohol testing.     

A Key component of the 24/7 Program is immediate sanction for participants who test positive for alcohol or drugs.

  • 1st Offense positive drinking test will result in 12 hours in jail
  • 2nd Offense positive drinking test will result in 24 hours in jail
  • 3rd Offense and subsequent drinking events the participant will remain jailed until reviewed by the courts
  • 1st Offense positive drug test will result in 5 days in jail
  • 2nd Offense and subsequent positive drug test the participant will remain jailed until reviewed by the courts
  • When a participant fails to report for testing paperwork will be generated for a warrant to be issued by the court

24/7 Participant Brochure

24/7 Participant Brochure_Spanish

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