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Justine Wall, Reentry Programs Administrator

402-599-2297 (Program Officers)

Corrections programs provide a variety of classes to help offenders better themselves in preparation for their return to society.  Several types of programs are available and offenders may be involved in multiple types of classes or programs at any time.  The program areas are Real Life Program, Metro Community College, Stand-Alone Programs, Library, Law Library, Religious Services and Faith-Based Life Learning

Real Life Program

Offenders are re-located to a programs housing unit with offenders with similar goals and objectives. Classes are taught by professionals from the Omaha Community. Some classes offered are:

  • Reactive Behavior
  • Decision Making
  • Cognitive Thinking
  • Addictive Behavior
  • Chemical Dependency
  • One on Ones
  • Computer Basics
  • 12-Step Workshops
  • Life Choices 
  • Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Boundaries
  • Victim Impact
  • Parenting (Court Approved)
  • Commitment to Change
  • Good Intent/Bad Choice
  • Re-Social

Metro Community College

Offenders who anticipate being here six weeks or more are eligible to participate in classes provided by instructors from Metro Community College. The following classes are available:

  • Work Attitudes & Behaviors
  • Pre-Release Planning
  • Education Transition
  • College Readiness Workshops

Stand Alone Programs

These programs are available to most offenders depending on their needs, security classification or current status. Those offenders who anticipate being here for 30 days or more can enroll into any one or more of the following stand alone programs offered:

  • GED (if they did not graduate)
  • ABE (improve reading & math)
  • ESL (learn English)
  • HIV education (Spanish, too)
  • Domestic Violence (women)
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Al-Anon (women)
  • Alcoholic Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Wellspring
  • Men's Non-violence
  • Visiting Nurse (for pregnant women)


An expansive library is available to all offenders and offers a large variety of services.  Books for entertainment, self-study, and research are available in a multitude of subjects.  Magazines are also available upon request.  As a service current local newspaper is delivered to each housing unit daily and shared among the occupants.  The library also offers logic games, board games, and pictures for tracing to help keep offenders occupied during their incarceration.

Law Library

The Law Library is accessible to all offenders to aid in research, self-study, and understanding of the legal process. This library is equipped with all current state statutes (the entire collection of Nebraska Revised Statutes including cumulative supplements), all relevant federal statutes (all volumes of US Code Titles 18, 21, and more) as well as the most current information on local county, district court criminal, civil rules, federal rules of criminal and civil procedure, and federal sentencing guidelines. The law library is also equipped with an extensive collection of case law from around the country, which is made available to inmates through ten state-of-the-art computers. A large collection of textbooks on criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, criminal courts, evidence law, policing, and corrections are also made available to inmates. Law dictionaries, Nebraska Jail Standards, and Policy and Procedures effecting inmate services and rights are also made available to inmates who attend the law library.

In addition to an expansive collection of case law and other state and federal legal resources, inmates are assisted with all their legal research by the law librarian. The law librarian instructs inmates on how to conduct legal research, the basics of state and federal criminal procedure, and helps inmates keep track of their dockets, court dates, case updates, and legal paperwork. The law librarian also regularly manages all the legal resources to be sure that all texts and cases made available to inmates are current.

Religious Programs

The Douglas County Department of Corrections provides for the religious needs of inmates. Inmates are provided the opportunity to participate in essential practices of their religious faith, consistent with legal guidelines and the policies of the facility. Good News Jail & Prison Ministry has been designated to provide Chaplains and volunteers to perform or facilitate the provision of these services. Inmate religious needs not available through the staff are coordinated through the Chaplain's office in conjunction with local volunteer clergy. Programs available include but are not limited to worship services, pastoral care, classes, counseling and other related activities. The Chaplains can be reached by calling 444-7400 and asking for one of the following Chaplains: Sr. Chaplain Morris Jackson (all areas), Chaplain John Heatley (all areas) or Chaplain Dick Vondenkamp (Catholic services).

For information on Good News Jail & Prison Ministry visit www.goodnewsjail.org

Faith-based Life Learning

In addition to the County programs, a faith based Life Learning Dorm is also provided through the Chaplain’s Office. The purpose of this Program is to give inmates the opportunity to learn basic life-skills and put them into practice so they may experience an effectual and measurable change in their lives. The ultimate purpose is to return these inmates to society as individuals who are prepared and willing to be positive and productive citizens in their home, workplace and community, thus reducing crime and recidivism and the associated burden it places on the cost of managing inmates.

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