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John Skanes, Work Release Administrator

402-599-2503 (Work Release Office)


Work Release is a residential program designed to integrate selected inmates back into the community through resources and partnerships of which participants' are accountable for their actions.


The goal of Work Release is to transition individuals back to his/her respective community through a reentry process that will deter clients from re-offending. The program will provide opportunities for employment, community service, continuing education, mentoring services and support groups. Through these wrap-around partnership services an individual’s probability of recidivism are tremendously reduced.  


Work Release is a Community Corrections Intermediate-Sanction that allows a selected participant that is a minimum risk to society, to continue working, seek employment or continue education in a residential (in custody) environment. Participants are either court ordered into the program or placed in the program at the request of the Director of Corrections (or his designee). Candidates can also be referred to the program by an attorney, Classification Personnel referrals and through the screening process at Douglas County Department of Corrections. 


The Work Release Program is based on an individual’s capacity to meet certain criteria for selection. The following are guidelines for the selection process; however the selection process is not limited to the suggested criteria below.  

  • Sentenced to a year or less
  • No outstanding warrants, holds, detainers or out-of-state pending charges
  • No convictions of Special Victims Crimes such as sexual assault or child abuse
  • No escape convictions within the past five years
  • No history of violent crimes
  • Reside in the Metropolitan area

Current DCDC inmates who are interested in the Work Release Program or would like consideration for selection into the program may submit a Douglas County Department of Corrections Inmate Request Form to the Work Release Program Office.

Program Costs

  • Room & Board - residents who are employed will pay $15.00 per day
  • Urinalysis - $15.00 fee for a urine sample will be assessed upon arrival to Work Release (This is not a requirement for inmates serving seven days or less)
  • Employed residents will be charged $15.00 for random urine samples

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