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Justine Wall, Reentry Programs Administrator

402-599-2548/9(RAP Office)

Mission Statement

The Douglas County Reentry Assistance Program (RAP) will provide a safe, responsible and effective alternative to incarceration.  RAP is designed to hold offenders accountable for their activities, while providing a structured program utilizing supervision, sanctions and services in appropriate combinations. 


The RAP will provide structured integration into the community with opportunities for offenders to obtain employment, education and treatment. The RAP will address public safety concerns while offering offenders a clear structure that will allow them to become functional, successful members of society. An alternative sanction, such as the RAP, will provide supervision, employment, counseling and community resources to offenders.

RAP as an Intermediate Sentencing Option

The RAP can be used as an initial sanction, an alternative sentence, a graduated sanction or an early release mechanism. The criminal justice system benefits from the availability of an intermediate sanction that offers more than pre-trial release, yet is less sever and expensive than incarceration.


  • Community Service
    Offenders in the RAP may be required to perform community service. Options for possible service programs include utilizing existing non-profit organizations and forming partnerships with existing community service placement agencies.
  • Programming
    A structured program of daily activities will be scheduled to the offender's itinerary. Activities are designed to offer support and resources to offenders, as well as to limit free time and encourage success. Services provided will include:
    • Substance abuse treatment and education
    • Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED and literacy programs
    • Reactive Behaviors
    • Cognitive / Behavioral based group meetings and classes
    • Employment assistance programs, job placement, job readiness
    • Violence interruption and anger management
    • HIV and AIDS education and health screens
    • Substance abuse and mental health evaluations or assessments

Target Population

The RAP will be offered to an appropriate type of offender. The RAP will best serve those with the following characteristics:

  • Pre-trial, non-violent detainees who are unable to make bail and who are willing to receive supervision and education
  • Direct court commitments in need of a high level of supervision
  • Non-violent offenders serving time in the DCC who may be near the end of their sentence


Once a potential offender is identified, an interview and assessment is conducted to determine eligibility. The assessment will include a review of the offender's criminal record and social history, a warrant check, an examination of institutional records (to include disciplinary reports), other program participation, medical screening and a risk/need assessment.

To be eligible for participation in the RAP, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Present charge must be a non-violent offense
  • Be willing to develop a healthy support system
  • Have no outstanding warrants
  • Have no violent criminal history
  • Agree to abide by the terms of the RAP contract
  • Agree to participate in required programs and core classes

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